Hans Martin Carl


Hans Martin Carl
And it runs like clockwork...



Working with figures is working with people at the same time.
This is what inspires me about my job as an interim and project manager in the field of finance.
It is stimulating to think outside the box and to adapt to new corporate cultures, new colleagues or new IT systems. In a team, I contribute not only my know-how, but I also bring my personality and dedication into the equation.


The beginning of my career as a cook and hotel manager does not conflict with my current occupation. On the contrary, it has given me a deep understanding of what "service" and high quality standards really mean. Gastronomy is a tough school where you learn to get to the point of the matter at hand, to develop an eye for detail and to fulfil many demands.
I do not just try to make something which is simply edible from a variety of ingredients, but rather to produce excellent results. I would gladly do that for your company, as well!


My CV is available upon request at kontakt[at]hmc-da.de.